The Girl

The quintessential cool girl is as follows:

Leather jacket, a sharp smile, an enticing nature. The “cool girl” aesthetics have been used to describe countless women (and some men) by every fashion and lifestyle magazine in the world. These are the people we want to be (or be with), and most of us strive to achieve the trĂ©s chic effortlessness these people seem to have been born with.

This blog is a study on style, mostly, but also a study on myself. I’m not trying to achieve the marketed stylish je ne sais quoi, but merely share some of the things that, during my daily life, have made me feel like a cool girl. Note, this is not a guide, not a how-to, but an experiment on sharing a part of my life and some of the things I like through a blog.

My name is unimportant, but you can call me P.