Moving is insane

by P.

It is, there is no doubt about it, but it gets about a thousand times worse when you’re moving countries and you have a limit of two suitcases.

Because you see, you end up finding things you thought you’d lost forever, and you start to wonder if you’ll need a dress you haven’t worn in four years (yes, I should be more diligent with spring cleanings) and eventually you find yourself looking at a closet full of stuff without knowing exactly what to pack.

A little background: I’m moving countries in two weeks.

Between trying to choose a sensible number of books that I can carry without overloading my bag and getting all the documents I’ll need, I have kind of put off packing my clothes. Not because I don’t want to do it, but because I think I’ll have about 5 identity crisis while trying to choose what to take with me.

Clothes are weird companions, and some have become oddly comforting items. So, yes, while I haven’t worn that grey dress in four years, I’ll also miss looking at it every time I open my closet.

It’s weird, I know.

It’s also a reflection of my fear. Fear of leaving home, of going far away and of not seeing my family or close friends in person for at least a year. Because moving means I’m an actual adult, who has to go out, get a job and do adult things, without the safety net I’ve gotten used to.

Besides, I’m kind of terrified of failure.

For now, my clothes will remain in the closet, my hugs will get tighter and I might stare at old things a little bit longer, but in the end, it will be fine.