The Beauty Day 101

by P.

I’m a huge fan of beauty days. These are days in which I have no previous appointments, nor do I have any problems to solve. Only, instead of sitting in front of the T.V. (as I would usually do), these are days when I’m particularly inspired to take care of my skin.

As a huge fan of any and all beauty products, I’m on a constant search for new and affordable face masks, cleansers and mists, and have an ever-changing beauty regimen that includes trying out new things and asking for tips from friends.

Free stock from Pexels

Free stock from Pexels

On a regular day, I stick to my anti-acne soap and a facial tonic in the morning and an azelaic acid pomade at night. All in all, it works well for me, keeps me mostly pimple free, and my skin fresh enough.

But beauty days are about feeling like the best version of yourself so….

Movies are important

Any beauty day requires one of two things: a movie you’re fond of, or exciting music. I’m partial to the movie because I enjoy following stories, though I tend to choose something I’ve seen already, as that way I can go to the bathroom to wash my face and still know what is going on.

Really, anything that makes for interesting background noise (or background story) is okay. Remember: this day is about having fun!

Pull Up That Hair

Alongside your face mask, now is also the perfect time to drench your hair in whatever you love to drench it in. Whether you like coconut oil (works wonders for dry hair) or prefers brand names (there are so many available hair masks, you can pick one no matter your budget, really).

When I was younger, this consisted of my mom making a rather smelly concoction of avocado, 1 raw egg and slathering that all over my scalp and leaving it for an hour. Though I’ve yet to try that again in my adult life (I really dislike the smell of raw egg), I recommend it even if only for the fond memories I have of scrunching my nose and saying “mooooom!” as she pulled on my locks.

Go For That Mask

I’ve gone on about my love for face masks in the past, and they are essential in a beauty day. Whether they are homemade (coconut oil, honey and lime juice make for a very good one, for example) or store bought (my favorite is the Nivea 5-in-1, that also works as an amazing exfoliator for days in which I’m in a hurry).

I start my beauty days by getting my favorite mask and rubbing it all over my face, then sitting back with a nice cup of my favorite beverage (ice tea for hot days, hot chocolate for cold ones) and drinking it slowly as I wait for it to dry completely. I recommend you do this some time after putting your hair mask on, as it takes far less time to dry than hair masks do to act.

Shower… Profusely

After your scalp and your locks are properly hydrated, and you can’t quite move your face, it is time to wash all of it off! At this time, I’m already feeling about 50% prettier and better about myself, but I carry on my beauty day regimen by exfoliating my body in the shower.

First, I do this with a natural sponge, as it helps me get rid of dead cells, but I carry on with my favorite body scub. Mine is from a Brazilian brand called O Boticario. It’s the Nativa SPA sugar and pitaya scrub and it smells amazing, making my skin feel silky smooth and free of dead cells. I’m particularly fond of slathering it under my armpits, elbows and knees, as those are the places in which my skin feels rougher.

Okay, ladies now let’s get in hydration.

That was a terrible pun.

After showering, hydration is key. Hydrating is important because it makes your skin look healthier, more vibrant and less prone to wrinkles, so don’t skip this step!

My favorite hydrators are the Nivea naturally enriched, which is great for really dry skin, or the Sephora brand head-to-toe hydrator. That is particularly useful because it works as a body and face hydrator (I really like all-purpose products, to be honest). I apply this all over my body, making sure to focus on specially dry places (elbows, knees, feet and hands).

Don’t stress.

Remember, these steps are about making you feel good about yourself, so adequate it to your beauty regimen. A beauty day, above all, is a day in which you take time to take care of yourself, it’s a day of relaxation in order to feel fresh, so try to keep it stress-free and filled with happiness. It is also perfect to invite friends over and make it a beauty-party with cocktails (or ice tea, if you’re underage), gossip and fun!

Enjoy your beauty day!