How to Stay Motivated

by P.

Lately I’ve had quite some trouble staying motivated. To go out, to get dressed, even to write this blog! And this got me thinking: how do people stay motivated.

Ironically enough, it led me to write this post.

Because nowadays, I have been feeling less and less like the creative type, and more like the “super-stressed-because-I-need-a-job-type”, which really bothers me because it keeps me from doing things I like, and from doing things I have to do. So… how do you fight it?

Although I’ve yet to come up with a satisfying answer (sorry, guys), I started noticing the little things that make me feel happier and more fulfilled, even if none of them come with a job offer yet.

Motivational photo for lazy people?

Long Walks on the Beach:

Despite seeming obvious, taking a walk really helps me clear my head. Usually, I do this with someone I like (my mom, my friends, or take a walk instead of taking the bus to meet someone). In spite of my self-proclaimed everlasting laziness, walking works really well to give me ideas for posts, stories or just to let go of any tension that might have built up.

Oh, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be on a beach. Most of my walks happen on asphalt.

Spring Cleaning:

Okay, so cleaning my house is really annoying. I have three dogs and two of them have an unsettling amount of fur, which leads to daily vacuum cleaning and constant fussing over carpets. However, it also forces me to stop worrying about other things. As I vacuum my living room, I force myself not to think about what is currently worrying me, and allow myself to think about what I have to do, and plan out my day (I vacuum in the morning).

In the end, I get a clean house and a clean mind, both of which I enjoy immensely.

The Queen of Face Masks:

Face masks are all the rage amongst beauty bloggers and everyone knows it. There are DIYs and store bought, mud, charcoal and sheet masks and more variety than one would think possible.

For me, it’s all about the ritual. From carefully spreading the mud-and-water concoction (or whatever else I’m currently into), to waiting for the mask to dry, to hopping in the shower, facial masks really make me feel good. Even if my skin doesn’t magically clear up, I feel more relaxed and refreshed afterwards, like I’m ready to do everything on my to-do-lists.

Just Do It:

Nike’s commanding slogan works really well too. If none of the above brings you closer to motivation, try doing. Though I still have to work on this advice for myself, I think that if we took a moment to go ahead and do whatever we’ve been pressing ourselves to do (or at least starting), we’d see that most of what we’d been worrying about was just that: worrying, and what, like this post, one needed to simply start in order to finish.


Oh yeah, let it be known that I intend on posting more often. Sorry about the dry spell, I wasn’t feeling myself or my writing.