How to Dress When You’re Not Feeling It?

by P.

A Guide… Of Sorts

Though most days I make an effort to look good and feel good, I’ve got to admit that some days I am just not feeling myself. In days like these, it seems like the mirror is my worst enemy, showing me every single “flaw” I have (or I think I have) and it drives me mad. Especially if it’s a day in which I have to go out, and can’t sit at home like a lonely hermit watching Netflix.

Sometimes I wonder if Carrie Bradshaw ever had that problem.

Rather than reach for a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and ditch my appointment (in this case, a party), I’ve started to think of how I could beat the awful dread I was feeling while staring at my clothes.

The thing is, I’m not a model. I’m not even an Instagram model. I’m a regular girl, with a body that I don’t always like. So how could I dress myself when I wasn’t feeling myself?

The answer is complicated, to say the least. But rather than touch on my deep-rooted self-esteem issues, let’s talk about a few small things I do in order to start feeling like a person who’d look good at a party.

001 – Take a shower.

It seems stupid, but showers have always made me feel better, especially if I washed my hair. Warm water and 10 minutes focusing on cleaning my body and exfoliating my face make me feel refreshed and a little more welcome to trying things on.

002 – Comfort clothes.

Comfort clothes aren’t necessarily comfortable stay-at-home clothes, but those pieces that make you feel your best. It’s the skirt that always makes you look good, even if you gained a few pounds, or the 10 year-old t-shirt you don’t have the heart to throw out even if you’ve worn it five-hundred times. Try them on first, look at yourself in the mirror and assure yourself that you look good.

003 – Nice shoes.

Instead of worrying about the clothes you’re gonna wear, focus on the shoes. Choose the pair that makes you feel like Beyoncé (or whatever lifestyle icon you choose) and work around them. Clothes aren’t as important if your feet steal the show.

004 – Friends

Text your best friend something fun and talk for a few minutes. It seems easy and obvious, but just having contact with someone other than your mirror sometimes works wonders, even making you feel more like yourself and less “meh”.

005 – Dress up.

After the past four self-esteem building steps, face the closet. Pick up your wonderful shoes, put on a comfort outfit, look in the mirror and tell yourself you look bomb (or text a photo to your friend so she can do that for you). And, if it’s your thing, have fun doing your makeup.

006 – Have fun.

Even if your outfit still doesn’t feel right when you leave the house, try your best to have a lot of fun when you arrive at your destination. It will, at the very least, make you forget about the clothes.

Now, let’s go get dressed!