Easy Indulgence: Chocolate Mousse

by P.

Here’s another confession: I’m passionate about desserts. I love making them, eating them and experimenting with them. However, I reserve a special place in my heart for anything with chocolate.

Chocolate mousse is amongst some of my favorite desserts, both due to its creamy texture and to how easy it is to make. It is the ultimate cool girl dessert for the same reasons. Macarons are pretty and a staple of French patisserie, but they are simply not a good answer for your late-night longings for something sweet (unless there’s a 24-hour French patisserie near you). Between the complex list of ingredients and the exact measures, macarons are a dessert to make if you have patience and time (and, quite honestly, skill).

Bottom line is, mousse seems much more accessible.

Especially in this recipe. With simple ingredients and a total prepping time of 10 minutes, my chocolate mousse is the ultimate busy person’s answer to the times when I needed a chocolate fix but didn’t want to simply eat a piece of chocolate (because I’d end up eating the whole bar).

I personally like to wait until the mousse has set in the fridge for a few hours before eating it, but the un-chilled mix of ingredients tastes just as good (albeit more runny) as soon as you make it.



3 eggs;

200 grams of bittersweet chocolate;

2 table spoons of sugar;

200 grams of heavy cream.



Beat the egg yolks until they double in size;

Pour in the sugar and keep beating until the yolks turn a pale yellow (almost white);

Melt the chocolate. I do this in bain-marie, but feel free to use the microwave if that’s what you prefer. Just be conscious to melt it in 20 seconds intervals and stir constantly so it doesn’t burn. Add the heavy cream to the chocolate and stir until combined;

Add the chocolate and cream to the yolk mix, stirring quickly;

Finally, beat the egg whites until they have doubled in size and add them to your mix in parts, stirring slowly so that the mix is airy.

There, the ultimate cool-girl chocolate mousse is done!