Making the Case for Overdressing

by P.

These days I was watching a TV show in which the hostess lives with a different family each weekend. She’s opinionated, loud, funny and always overdressed. And as I watched her and her outfit changes, I started thinking of how lazy I am when it comes to getting dressed, at least most of the times.

Though lounging in my house like this would probably be too much.

It made me feel really boring.

So, I’ve decided to make the case for the unapologetically overdressed. I have a friend who, no matter where she goes, gets out of her house looking like she just came out of a 1950s moodboard (in a good way), and I know people who won’t leave their houses without a full face of makeup. I admire both of those things, since it involves planning an outfit, time to put on makeup and then assert that you like everything you put on before leaving.

Although, realistically, I’m never going to wear a faux-fur jacket draped over my shoulders as I go to the grocery store, I started thinking of ways I could “overdress” in my daily life, if only to feel it is a little more glamorous. Then, I’ve decided to commit to giving my outfits a little more thought before leaving the house in them.

I sort of want those purple pants, though… too much?

As the self-proclaimed queen of comfy-casual, this is gonna be tough.

So here’s the stitch: for one week, I will wear clothes I consider ‘going out clothes’ for common stuff such as grocery shopping, going to the mall, and, occasionally, just lounging around in my own house (okay, this one is because I’m lazy when it comes to changing once I get home, though), then by the end of the week I will write how I felt about it.

This is also a conscious commitment to try and feel less self-conscious about my outfits, my body and how others see me. Which is why I’ll be delving deep into feelings of inadequacy at the end of the week, probably. However, I can’t wait to start!

Let’s overdress.