The aesthetic

by P.

Throughout our lives we are constantly sold images of people we should strive to be. Media often sells us ideas, and my personal favorite has always been that of the “cool girl”. Magazines tell me I should wear leather jackets, tie my hair in a carefully deconstructed ponytail and get myself some perfectly fitted 500$ jeans, but I believe that the cool girl is donned, above all, with an air of effortlessly achieved style.

Please note, I say girl, but I also believe that the cool girl aesthetic is fundamentally genderless.

I started this blog as a way to praise cool girls (and guys, and people that fit other gender identities), but also to praise moments, experiences, books and places that have made me feel confident enough to pretend that I can also do that trés chic thing French girls seem to carry in their genes.

This is a blog about clothes, travelling, books, people. A blog about lifestyle choices and also a blog about myself.

I am P, and this is Cool Girl.